> Desecration


The production is set deep below the earth in the realm of Deluge, the birthplace of Desecration, a dark and primordial energy that has grown within the Earth since Eden’s first light.

The story focuses on Edward Wells, a fallen priest, part time escape artist, Magus and the blackest sheep that the Wells lineage has ever witnessed, who must enter the Galleries of Justice to remove his family’s curse before an ancient mythological energy “Desecration” is released upon humanity in a wave of decimation and suffering.

So who better to unlock the puzzle of Deluge than a down and out escape artist and natural born Sorcerer who combines all the mistakes of his family’s bloodline in one frail body?

Edward must cross and survive every liar’s veil, to confront and learn why Desecration wants to wipe his family from creation. The audience are invited to side with either Edward Wells or Desecration in a magical pact, as they unlock the truth of the demons that reside within their own family line.

Theatre of Ophidia and FoolishPeople will redefine immersive magickal theatre as your will and intent are revealed via the various magical experiences offered within the realm of Deluge.

They deftly expose the hypocrisy of the "moral majority" by exposing the Demons within all our hearts and the awful outcomes that occur from never facing up to, or refusing to sit down and discuss who we really are with humanities closest living myths.