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In the future all forms of entertainment have become free; media corporations have failed in securing their products from consumers equipped with thought-based copying technology.

It is now impossible to prove intellectual ownership or enforce copy protection: the artistic breeding ground has become infected. Perfect replicas exist of every artistic masterpiece created. Value of ownership of art is meaningless, with no way to discover the truth of an original once it has been copied and twinned.

The only way for artists to protect their worth is by recruiting members of the public who are willing to lose their own identities to become a biological copy of the artist, to spread Weaponised Art, forcing consumption upon a bloated society, sick from every idea, cheaply imagined and replicated.

The artist has become terrorist and soldier, surviving by raising the core flesh worth of their art. Platoons of replicas of Banksy, raid the landscape.

One final piece of uncorrupted art remains, that has yet to be copied. A living story, told by Neonate Muses that is the last form of profitable entertainment. On the final episode of the Story, join us to learn the secret of how the world died.

Dead Language © John Harrigan 2007-2008 All Rights Reserved.