> Cirxus



25th May - 13th June 2009
Starting time:
8.30pm & 9.00pm
STUDIO K, Arcola Theatre

Written and directed by John Harrigan

1957- Seascale, the North of England. Cirxus is an old English circus lost in the shadows of the smoke stacks of Calder Hall, the world's first commercial nuclear power station. FoolishPeople will use mythology, shamanism, music and dance to bring the darkness of an atomic circus to life. The performance will allow audience members to step into the world of an old English circus lost in the 1950s, explore its sideshows and meet extraordinary characters from the past and future.

Athalia the ballerina waits in the ring for Loudon the Clown to return with directions to the Black Pool, the mythic site of the Home Sweet Home, the final show of the season. Join her as she begins a bizarre and wondrous search for Loudon through the irradiated secrets of Cirxus, where she must face the macabre atomic menagerie, haunted by circus animals and navigate her way through the maze of strange, hallucinogenic sideshows on the other side of time. Immerse yourself in the world of Cirxus, where theatric arcana and Atomic fallout irradiate the sawdust arenas of our inner worlds.

Presented by FoolishPeople
Written and Directed by John Harrigan
Photography © Yiannis Katsaris

Afanc - Tereza Kamenicka
Athalia Faa - Lucy Allin
Blue Lady - Victoria Karlsson
Irina - Amy Ewbank
Jaculina Tar - Daisy Leverington
Koca - Peter McMillan
Lacertillia - Hannah Purdy
Loudon - John Harrigan
Mr. Slin - P. Emerson Williams
OhMy - Stephen McLeod
Nelly Messenger - Kylie McLean
Seamstress - Louise Lee
Venie Clancie - Claire Tregellas
Violet - Carrie Whitton
Tattipani - Tania Batzoglou

Produced by Lucy Allin
Assistant director: Victoria Karlsson
Sound designers: Victoria Karlsson, Antoine Bertin & P. Emerson Williams
Graphic Designer: P. Emerson Williams
Set Designer: Paron Mead
Set Design Assistants: Blondie Von Bengard, Charly Blackburn, Jessica Doyle, Fleur Huyghues Despointes & Juliette Jeanclaude
Props Mistress: Kylie McLean
Lighting Designer: Marec Joyce
Head Costume Designer: Johanna Elf
Costume Designers: Syban V, Katie & Caroline Collinge
Project Manager: James Elphick
Education and Development Officer: Claire Tregellas
Make-up: Charlotte Tofield & Maria Kalou
Marketing: Marie Kearney
'Atomic Tea Dance' choreographed by Stephen McLeod
Production Staff: Gianluca Summa & Jan Kamenicka

Cirxus was sponsored by:

The Movieum of London
Vivien of Holloway
Movie Storm
The Courtyard
Chisenhale Dance Space
People Show
C-12 Dance Theatre